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About Us

The Iowa Society for Respiratory Care is a volunteer based, non-profit, professional organization committed to the support of the Respiratory Care Practitioner and to the pulmonary health of the people of Iowa.

The Iowa Society of Respiratory Care (IASRC) is an affiliate member of the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC).  When you join the AARC you automatically become a member of the IASRC. 

AARC membership not only shows your commitment to your profession and the welfare of your patients, it also shows your commitment to yourself. As a Respiratory Therapist, you work hard to provide quality care to your patients. As an active member of the AARC, you also strive to improve the caliber and level of recognition of Respiratory Therapists, which leads to quality care for all respiratory patients.

For more information on AARC membership, please visit the following link:  AARC Membership

To join AARC/IASRC online click here.


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