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Iowa Volunteer Disaster Medical Assistance Team

Iowa DMAT is currently recruiting Respiratory Care Practitioners due to several openings on the team. Not only do RTs provide routine respiratory therapy, they are often drawn upon to perform logistical and administrative functions and are an integral part of the disaster response team.

DMAT RTs were deployed to the Cedar Rapids flood event in 2008. Iowa DMAT RTs have also been drawn upon to deploy to Florida and Louisiana hurricanes as part of state mutual aid medical teams.

DMAT members are asked to virtually attend one meeting per quarter and in person one meeting per year. Meetings are held in all regions of the state. Members are required to register on the Iowa emergency volunteer database:  i-Serv prior to team employment. Members must complete basic trainings listed below, most of which is available online.

  • IA-DMAT provides support to overwhelmed local public health and health care entities during a public health emergency.
  • IA-DMAT is modeled after the National Disaster Medical System’s federal Disaster Medical Assistance Teams.
  • IDPH trains, equips, manages, and maintains the IA-DMAT

IA-DMAT Capabilities

  • IA-DMAT is comprised of physicians, advanced care practitioners, registered nurses, pharmacists and techs, respiratory therapists, paramedic specialists, and support staff.

  • IA-DMAT provides an on-call team to respond statewide to a public health emergency.

  • IA-DMAT provides medical care to disaster victims, staffs medical and special needs shelters, and can provide other public health services.

  • The IA-DMAT goal is to deploy the team and necessary supplies within four-to-six hours of notification and provide services for the first 24 to 96 hours or until federal or other resources are on scene. 

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers are required to maintain current certification or licensure, and maintain the ability to practice in Iowa.

  • Volunteers should be willing and able to deploy anywhere in the state

  • IA-DMAT requires training related to its unique activities. Additional trainings may be required for specific DMAT positions.

  • IA-DMAT requires the following basic trainings, most of which can be completed online:

    • IS 100: Introduction to the Incident Command System

    • IS 200: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents 

    • IS 700: Introduction to National Incident Management System

    • Hazmat Awareness or Basic Disaster Life Support

  • IDPH coordinates regularly scheduled required team meetings. 

Questions? Call 515-321-9816 or e-mail Clark Christensen: clark.christensen@idph.iowa.gov 


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